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The archeological site of the Franchthi Cave (Σπήλαιο Φράγχθι) is located in the area of Kilada, which was inhabited by mankind in its very early stages around 40.000B.C. The site is accessible by boat or by walking there from Paralia Fournon (Παραλία Φούρνων). It is in this site that the earliest buried human skeleton in Europe had been found after excavations.

A guided tour from an archaeologist is possible. The cave is surrounded by sea in which 2 cities were found which were inhabited by those that had exited the cave.

These cities date at around 3.000 to 6.000B.C. and there is also the possibility of underwater tour.

Explore Virgin & Romantics Beaches  

Paradise Waters

Explore Virgin
& Romantics Beaches    
4-20 min by walking / car driving

spetses island view


2 ways to reach Spetses Island:
20 min by Taxi Boat, 
or 30 min (20 min) car
& (10 min) by boat.



Explore our small forest and feel the nature!

Koilada/Koilas Fishing village

Traditional Fishing Village

Koilada/Koilas Fishing village:
Port, Fish-Taverns, Traditional Bakeries & Café. 3 min by car

Porto Heli, Restaurants, Tourist shops,  Coffee Bars, Clubs & Activities. 15 min by car

Porto Heli

Port, Restaurants, Tourist shops,  Coffee Bars, Clubs & Activities. 15 min by car

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Poros Island: 45 min by Taxi Boat, or 40 min (15 min) car& (25 min) by boat and 70 min: 65 min car & 5 min boat

caves near Doroufi, Koilas, Portoheli, Argolis


Caves of Franchthi, Avgo & Didima 
10 min, 20 min,
or 40 min by car

Nafplio near sunny place resort


The romantic town next to the sea: Port, Tourist shops & Pedestrians, Museums, Restaurants, Coffee, Bars. 65 min by car

Ermioni port and view


 2 Ports, Restaurants, Tourist shops, Coffee Bars, Clubs & Activities. 20 min by car

Hydra island view


2 ways to reach Hydra Island:
30 min by Taxi Boat, 
or 45 min

(30 min) car & (15 min) by boat.

ancient theaters near Doroufi, Koilas, Portoheli, Argolis

Ancient Theaters

Ancient Theater of Epidaurus, Mycenae & Argos 50 min, 80 min, 90 min by car

Faraggi Katafiki near sunny place resort


Canyon Katafiki
20 min by car

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