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We offer sun, sea and quiet away from the noise and blackness of cities.
Unique sound, the splash of the sea, which is 100 meters from the Sunny place, and the sex swelling.
Our waters are clear and crystal clear, with many of the neighboring beaches in the area
to have conquered the Blue Flag.
And all this, along with the infinite, beautiful, turquoise bays waiting for you in their mild, warm waters.

Sunny Place Resort
Doroufi, Koilas, Portoheli, Argolis, Greece  213 00              For Reservations:
+30 27540 61760  |  +30 697 6703367 



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A trip to Sunny Place Resort is sure to bring peace in you. Your stay here will allow you to get closer to your soul and make peace with it. The harmonization of the magnetic fields, nature and space will lead you to feel at one with your inner world. 

Soul, Spirit and Body will spark your restless inner fire. It will grant you hope, joy, goals, dreams, values and happiness. The light you will receive from the sun will fill your heart.

This is our goal, our greatest offer which we hope you receive to the highest degree possible and enjoy it to the fullest.

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